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Domestic Travel


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International Travel

Listed below are some of the major hubs into Australia. 
Take advantage of this break in your journey to experience their culture and attractions.


Singapore consists of one main island and 58 smaller ones.  Singapore’s climate is usually hot and sultry and the rainy season is from November to January.  With Singapore’s lack of natural flora and fauna it has built its own gardens and zoos, waterfalls and underwater parks. It is home to one of the best zoos in the world.  Jurong Park has the world’s highest man made waterfall and the Bird Sanctuary even has simulated tropical thunderstorms!

Orchard Road is the most popular shopping area in Singapore.  It is the central hub of what is also known as the ‘city’ of Singapore.  Orchard Road is home to a myriad of department stores, restaurants, movie theatres and other entertainment outlets.

The island group of Hawaii is comprised of 132 islands and atolls.  Hawaii consists of eight islands - Big Island (also named Hawaii), Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, Kahoolawe and Niihau.

Whether you’re looking to relax, or travel and explore, Hawaii has a lot to offer. On these wonderful islands there is something for everyone: the beauty of the tropics for nature lovers, the fascinating volcanic activity and the beautiful white sandy beaches that Hawaii is so famous for.

Situated at the south-eastern tip of China, Hong Kong is ideally positioned at the centre of rapidly developing East Asia.  Hong Kong has become a world-class financial, trading and business centre.  Hong Kong has no natural resources, except one of the finest deep-water ports in the world.  Victoria Peak is Hong Kong’s premier visitor attraction.  High above Hong Kong Island it provides magnificent harbour and city views. The city also offers a multitude of fantastic entertainment, dining and shopping options.

Bangkok, or as it is known in Thai as “Krung Thep”, is the capital city of Thailand.  Bangkok is considered to be the world’s top tourist hotspot and is reportedly one of the most hospitable places in the world.  The city combines its hundreds of temples and mosques with the modernity of a dynamic metropolis. 

There are a variety of shopping experiences from street markets to malls.  The Chatuchak weekend market is one of the largest shopping destinations in Bangkok.  Water markets are gradually disappearing but remain strong tourist attractions amid one of the most bustling Asian cities you’ll ever visit.


Transferring from Sydney Airport


Use the Airport Link
Sydney's Airport Train

Stations are situated at both domestic
and international terminals. Town Hall Station is the closest to Dockside with travel time at approximately 25 minutes (please note that dockside is then a 10 minute walk from the station).

Ticket prices are approximatley
AUD$20 per person

Hours of Operation
Weekdays: 4.22am - 12.57am
Weekends: 4.22am - 12.27am

For more information please visit: https://www.airportlink.com.au/


Use Route 400 that operates between Bondi Junction and Burwood.

The service stops at both the T1 International and T3 Domestic terminals. Bus stops are
located on the arrivals level
outside each of these terminals.

NOTE: You'll need an
Opal transport card
to use the service

For more information please visit: https://transportnsw.info/


Sheltered Taxi ranks are
available at both terminals

The cost of the transfer will
range from $45 - $55
(one way from airport to City)
with travel times
around 20 – 25 minutes.

For more information please visit:



Passports and Visas

Everyone entering Australia must have a valid passport and visa.  The type of visa you require will be dependent of your country of origin.

The two main types of visa are as follows:

Subclass 601: Electronic Travel Authority

This visa entitles to traveller to visit Australia as often as they wish in a 12-month period, staying up to 3 months at a time.
With this visa you can: cruise, holiday, visit family or friends and undertake some business visitor activities

Visitor visa (subclass 600): Business visitor stream

This visa lets you visit Australia for business reasons, however you can't work or sell goods or services.
This visa can be valid for multiple visits

The information above is general and may not apply to you, please visit the website below to seek specific information of your travel: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder



Australia enforces strict customs and quarantine laws. Visitors can find out more information through their travel agent or at https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/can-you-bring-it-in


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