Abstract Submission Checklist

STEP TWO of the submission process is to the complete the below checklist.

Please note the following important items before proceeding to the abstract submission, as you will not be able to return to the abstract submission at another time.

STEP ONE is complete, I have completed my abstract using the Abstract Template (If you have not used the abstract template you can download it here)

I have followed the file naming procedure. The file is saved in Microsoft Word format. It is named "surname_initial".doc (e.g. Smith_J.doc). If submitting more than one abstract add a number after your initial, 1 for your first abstract, 2 for the second abstract etc (e.g. Smith_J1.doc, Smith_J2.doc).

I confirm this abstract has been approved by all authors.

I understand that all correspondence will be to one presenting author per abstract only.  I am a presenting author. One form is to be completed per abstract if you are submitting more than one abstract.

I understand that all presenters must pay registration fees and cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

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